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Jinan Temple

Jinan Temple
Jinan Temple

 The Jinan Temple is located right in front of Fishery Port No. 3 in Nanfangao. The solemn-looking black-faced Mazu that it worships is more than 200 years old. The other deity statues are splendid, and the temple itself looks magnificent.


The temple was founded in the early 19th Century. Once, a boat from Tangshan (southeast China) sought refuge in Beifongao (which is Beifangao today) due to northeast monsoons on the seas. The Tangshan fishermen stayed on for some days and during this time they worshipped their Mazu statue in a stone cave on the land. When it was time to leave, the locals asked if the fishermen could leave the statue to them. The captain wouldn’t, and the two parties argued for a long time. They decided to toss divination blocks to ask whether Mazu would like to stay. The answer is: yes. Soon, the Jinan Temple was founded for the Tangshan Mazu.


There is another story about this temple. In 2007, a renowned coral merchant from Taipei went to the temple leader and said he would like to dedicate a Mazu statue made of coral. According to the merchant, the black-faced Mazu asked him in his dream if he would donate such a thing to her temple. The merchant traveled around Taiwan and finally found the Jinan Temple and the black-faced Mazu. Thus today there is a new Mazu statue, 4 feet 8 inches tall, made of coral and decorated with gemstones and gold, in the temple, too. It is so finely crafted that one may feel as if it would soon come to life.


It is believed that the compassionate Mazu will continue to exert her power and protect all those who worship her.

Last Updated:2018-08-08 13:58
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