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Nanfangao Observatory

Nanfangao Observatory
Nanfangao Observatory


The Nanfangao Observatory at 108K, Suhua Highway was formerly just an ordinary parking lot. These days, visitors to and from Hualien and Yilan can still park their cars around this area, but parking has become less important for people who come here. They are here to enjoy a birds-eye-view of Yilan: the Neipi Beach, the Nanfangao fishery ports and the Tofu Cape are all in sight.


Looking out from the west side of the observatory, you can see the lush green Hutou Mountain. From the north, the beautiful Neipi Beach and Tofu Cape. You will also see that the Suao Port, composed of three sub-ports, Beifangao, Suao and Nanfangao, is surrounded by mountains on three sides. This strategic position makes it a great natural port and a place for enjoying ocean views.

Last Updated:2018-06-14 14:56
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