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Sangang Iron Factory Museum

Sangang Iron Factory Museum Sangang Iron Factory Museum
Sangang Iron Factory Museum Sangang Iron Factory Museum

 Nanfangao in the 1960s had a booming fishery industry. Because fishing boats were many, factories that make and repair boats opened one after another, too. Catching up this trend, three young professionals, who were also close friends, founded the Sangang Iron Factory in 1962. “Sangang” means “three best and strongest experts” because these three young men expected themselves to be so. Having lived the golden days of Nanfangao, the factory was among the oldest iron factories specializing in fishing boat maintenance in the region before it was eventually forced to close.


Due to technology advancement and changes of the times, the factory closed in 2004. But with effort from Liao Da-qing, descendant of one of the founders, the building was turned into the Sangang Iron Factory Museum. Liao spent six months turning the first and the second floor into halls that display objects from the 1950s. A small cultural area was set up on the third floor. Mini exhibitions are held there and they would change according to the four seasons. The overall content and style of this museum is rare to find elsewhere in Taiwan. You can immerse in the nostalgic aura of the 50s, appreciate the historical objects, or learn about the old-time stories that will resonate in your heart. Fishery port knowledge is also explained at the museum. This is one of the most worthy tourist destinations in Suao!

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