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Aodi Seafood Street

Aodi Seafood Street
Aodi Seafood Street

The Northeast Coast, an important hub for coastal and inshore fisheries in northern Taiwan, has more than 10 large and small fishery ports. Hence, this area is famous for fresh seafood, especially Aodi in the Gongliao District, New Taipei City that’s “famed in the uptown and known in the downtown.” It is less than 10 minutes by car from Fulong and many anglers, windsurfers and surfers would go to Aodi for crustacean delicacies after a day’s oceanic fun. Around 20 restaurants stand on this less than 1km-long seafood street. Every evening, as soon as their neon signs are lit, the restaurants begin to compete against one another with their delicious food at reasonable prices. Fresh seasonal dishes are served all year round, such as shells, shrimps, crabs and different types of squids. You can find two kinds of mantis shrimps here: red-skinned and black-skinned. The red-skinned ones taste better. Pricy baby abalones are nicknamed as the “aristocrats of the seas.” These sea creatures abound along the Northeast Coast because the seawaters are clean and algae are plenty in the intertidal zones.

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