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Notice for Whale/Dolphin Watching

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Notice for Dolphin Watching |

Notice for Dolphin Watching

Whale Watching
(Whale Watching)
No drinking or smoking.
Please do not sleep late the night before. Arrive well rested.
If seasick, go to the deck and breathe some fresh air.
Do not eat spicy or oily food before the ride. Raw ginger products such as ginger tea or ginger candy may help prevent seasickness.
Please follow orders from the captain or crew members. Wear the life vest appropriately and do not run or chase each other on the ship. Running, playing games, and climbing the railings are prohibited.
People with heart disease or hypertension, elderly people incapable of self-care, babies, disabled people without company and pregnant women over 26 wks gestation should not board the ship.
Please wear light, long sleeved clothing and a cap or visor.
Please bring sun block, seasickness medication, sunglasses, binoculars, a camera, and whistle.
It is okay to applaud or cheer the whales/dolphins, but please do not knock the body of the ship.
Maintain a happy mood, and patiently wait for the arrival of the marine animals.
It is okay to bring a camera/V8, but please do not throw anything into the ocean or feed the marine animals.
Do not feed the whales/dolphins. Listen closely to the guide when the animals appear.
If there is anything you are unclear of, feel free to ask the crew members or guide.
Bring along ID with picture. For children, please prepare the original copy of the residence registration booklet with him/her included. Foreigners should carry their passports with them and have it ready for inspection by harbor police.
Besides open access areas, visitors are not allowed in other areas. Access hrs: 9AM~5PM.( For seasonal opening time changing, please contact Fulong vistor center to get the information.
On the scheduled day of arrival, if natural events such as waves surpassing level 6, bad sea conditions or typhoons prevent ships from landing ashore, visitors may reschedule their date of arrival.
Last Updated:2019-03-05 09:16