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Standard First-aid Kit Supplies

Cotton balls- washes wounds. Cotton swabs- washes wounds.
Gauze bandages- used to cover wounds. Gauze roller bandages- binds wounds and fixes dressings
Triangular bandages- fixes limbs and binds wounds Safety pins- fixes triangular bandages in place
Adhesive tape- fixes dressings is place Neutral soap- cleans wounds
Trauma shears- cuts bandages or clothing Tweezers- used to nip dressing or clean fragments and other foreign matter
Alcohol- sterilizes shears, disinfects skin lesions, and lowers body temperature Cold sterile water or saline solution- cleans wounds
Adhesive bandages- used to cover wounds Iodine solution- disinfects wounds
Sterile eye wash or eye gel- for emergency eye conditions Calamine lotion- anti-itching agent for bug bites and inflammation
Flashlight/ Torch- used to check throats or for lighting purposes    
Last Updated:2018-08-08 17:49