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A tour of birds and gulls

According to investigation, there are at least 149 species of birds along the Northeast Coast, including 47 species of migratory birds, 38 species of winter birds, and other commonly seen day time birds of prey, seagulls, terns and large water fowls. This administration, in cooperation with various bird watching societies, often holds Northeast Coast Bird Watching activities, so interested tourists can look out for news of these events.

The coastal region of the Lanyang Plains sees the most birds in spring and autumn. In the aborted fields of Tianliaoyang, egrets and snipes can often be seen. On bright sunny days, hoopoes and eagles circling in the sky can often be seen by the shores. During the typhoon season in summer, the capes and bays of the Northeast coast become the best refuges for sea birds, seagulls, and Brown Boobies. The sight of these birds searching for food above the ocean is quite interesting.
Last Updated:2018-06-21 10:46