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A tour of railway fun

A tour of railway fun- follow the tracks in a search of a personal journey
Along the Northeast Coast, many sections of train tracks follow parallel with the coastline, and thus the Pacific and Turtle Island can be seen from trains. Some stations are close to the coastline, and at night serene scenes of coast-side stations can be seen. The music of the waves and rocks can be heard by everyone, including people waiting for train rides, people waiting for friends, and people just taking a rest. Tourists should consider taking a local train and roam about the beautiful skies and seas, stopping by these superb stations. As a reminder, don’t forget to use the special Northeast Coast One Day Pass!

Northeast Coast Railways One Day Pass
The Northeast Coast Administration and the Taiwan Railways Administration have come together and regularly issued the Northeast Coast One Day Pass (including the Pingsi Line), which includes taking DRC or Fu Hsing type trains for unlimited times between Rueifang and Toucheng at only 130 NT a day! This allows backpackers to use mass transportation and enjoy the fun of backpacking! Besides unlimited access to trains, the Day Pass also allows usage of the Pingsi Line, so besides a tour of the Northeast Coast scenery, tourists can also enjoy a trip to Pingsi. Finally, using the pass, many stores along the way offer discounts on tickets, accommodations and dining!
Last Updated:2018-08-15 10:11