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A tour of motorcycling and pursuing the wind

Freely wander the scenic boulevard of mountain and sea.

The newest road trip trend is doing it on a motorcycle! Motorcycling is different from driving in that it is the most direct way to breathe in the freshness of mountain and sea, taste the saltiness in the sea breeze and listen to the symphony of waves and seagulls.

Provincial Highway 2 belongs to the Coastal Highway system of Taiwan’s roadways. It begins in the west at the Guandu Bridge (also the beginning of Provincial Highway 15) in Tamsui Town, Taipei County and ends in the east at Su-ao Town, Yilan County, at a length of 166.6 kilometers. It is the main roadway that passes through the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. On a motorcycle, along the way you’ll see endless numbers of romantic scenery; it won’t matter if you stop or not, the way is full of exciting sights to see!

Along the highway many mobile cafés can be seen, which have become rest areas for bikers. These popular assembly points are often filled with many different types of motorcycles, aligned in a row. Motorcycle fans can come here to fulfill their interests!

A special notice is that as with the number of scenic spots around the area, there are also many trucks, so tourists should be careful when riding their motorcycles. In this way, they can enjoy riding down the highway carefree, a grand tour of wind and speed!
Last Updated:2018-06-21 11:10