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( Aodi )
Coastal highways, blue sky, white cloud, green hill, blue sea and warm sunshine makes Northeast coast have somewhat southern sceneries in summer although it is winter. As northeast monsoon becomes stronger and migratory birds arrive at Northeast and Yilan coast continually, this place immediately becomes the heaven of bird-watching lovers. Particularly, every year there will be surprising charming birds showing up that drive bird-watchers and photographers of birds crazy.

Influenced by northeast monsoon, it rains the most in winter and spring. Abundant rains make algae which adapt to low-temperature water propagate in coastal tidal flat. It transforms the gray appearance of platforms of wave erosion into green one. These algae attract plenty of fish, shell, shrimp and crab to forage and rest here, thus each year from September to May in the next year become the best season to fish and look for seashore creatures of tidal flat. The crowd of people who go fishing makes the coast bustling in the cold winter. You can go to abundant seafood restaurants in the places such as Bitou, Longdong, Aodi, Dasi, Beiguan and Waiao to enjoy seasonal seafood in winter of Northeast coast such as Small scale black fish, seachub, little spinefoot, sailfish, cattle hoof crab, spectacled box crab, neritic squid, laver and hair-like seaweed.

It rains a lot in Yilan and this is the characteristic of Yilan. Particularly in the rainy days of fine rain, you will enjoy different sceneries when you appreciate the fields and seashore sights. The most comfortable thing in winter is to take a hot spring. Jiaosi hot spring will accompany visitors who come a long way to enjoy the sights and spend the vacation with locals in the warm Yilan.
Last Updated:2018-06-28 09:56