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Caoling Historic Trail
( Caoling Historic Trail )
White waves' appearance in the mountains of Northeast coast represents that silver grasses start to blossom in fall. In this season, the administration will hold an activity called "Caoling Historic Trail: The Season of Silver Grass" in November each year. Its contents include ecology tour of silver grasses viewing, stamp collections exchange for souvenir and traditional crafts teaching. We welcome and invite people who love hiking and nature to come to Caoling Historic Trail with relatives and friends in this season of silver grasses and enjoy the journey of autumn.

As summer fades away, visitors do not go to beaches to play after the Moon Festival. In fact, without the burning sun of summer the seashore of autumn instead shows another kind of sight. No matter you sit or stand at the seashore, you can enjoy the breeze, appreciate the sunset and observe the beauty of ecology of various kind of terrain. This satisfaction and comfort is different from the beauty of burning sun and waves in summer. Meanwhile, stars in the sky are clearer and shinier; thus it is the best season to watch stars. Visitors coming here can have talks with the sea silently or invite lovers to view stars together.

Entrance of river and marsh are the places where migratory birds stop in their migrations in spring and fall and also the excellent habitats where water birds spend the wintertime. In this season, people who love birds can be found to take their telescopes and cameras to capture the picture of water birds. Meanwhile, fall is the season in which wild coreopsis blossoms in Yilan. It is the best choice to have a country trip in this time.
Last Updated:2018-09-29 15:36