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Fulong Beach
( Fulong Beach )
In summer, Northeast and Yilan coast near Pacific Ocean is the best choice because there are blue ocean and cool and refreshing water activities.

When summer comes, there are always crowds who want to cool themselves in Longdongwan Park, Yianliao Golden Beach and Fulong Beach. This season is the best time to play in water. The seashore from Keelung to Yilan, there are various kinds of water activities you can enjoy, such as swimming, diving, surfing, sand sculpting, snorkeling, boating, extraction parachute, paragliding…etc. Endless visitors make the seashore bustling and populous. In summer, when you join in the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, besides listening to rock music, you can also enjoy the golden sands and play in the water in Northeast coast. Visitors loving water playing can take their equipments and swimming suits to spend summer in Northeast coast!

In this season, typhoon will occasionally bring about large amount of rain. Some sea birds and sea gulls will come to bays and capes here to look for shelter. Thus, the wonderful view of birds dancing above the sea is a characteristic of this place. Different from the seashore of water playing, in summer you can smell the fragrance of butterfly lily and also can appreciate the graceful dancing of crowds of birds.

Dongshan River Water Park lets the public enjoy their leisure time under the green trees and gentle wind in hot summer. Butterfly lily and Golden Bird Banana blossomed near the river side construct a beautiful picture. Another best way to cool down is to bathe in the cold spring in Su-Ao and enjoy the red bean jelly made by the cold spring. In addition, Turtle Island opened in summer is the best choice to view whales for visitors.
Last Updated:2019-04-01 15:43