Greater Crested Tern
( Greater Crested Tern )
It is full of life in the spring in Northeast coast, and the tour here is an indispensable one as Taiwan promotes the sustainable tour.

According to researches, there are at least birds of 39 families and 149 species found in Northeast coast. Among them, there are 47 species of birds for transit. Here, birds such as raptors, gulls, terns and large water birds can be found also. If you watch bird in Tianliaoyang area where was visited by the rare bird called red-crested cranes, you will find that this habitat is a good ecological environment. In addition, herons can be found to walk here. In the seasons of spring and fall, there are most birds which are worthy of watching.

You can start from Fulong and go to Longdongwan Park to walk in the trail. Besides overlooking the seashore sight and being close to natural ecology, you can also observe the world-class level geology here, including bays, capes and special rocks. The entrance of Shuangsi River within Northeast coast is the best training site of canoe and sailboat. The waves are stable and the river course is wide, therefore it is called the paradise of beginners. Besides, visitors can enjoy the bicycle trail within the scenic area.

Now we shift the focus from the blue ocean to the fishery harbor and fishing village. The travel experiences and new visions will surprise you. Many small fishing villages within Northeast coast remain their old styles, and many temples over hundreds of years are worthy of traveling. Fishermen’s dark skins, crumbling walls and dilapidated ancient stone houses, children playing, women, dogs and cats under old trees….time seems to cease here. The only prosperous site will be the catch exchange near the harbor in the morning and evening everyday.

As people travel in Northeast coast, they always stay in the seashore and rarely pay attention to the communities here. The communities of Longdong, Aodi, Longmen, Maoao and Dali are different in the scene; however the tranquility always exists in these villages. Occasionally, there are women patching the fishing net, dry the fish and agar; the lights that men are going fishing on the sea in the night. These are the real pictures of fishing villages. Besides living fishing, sometimes they will plant vegetables in their own land. Due to the sea winds, vegetables are not easy to grow; nevertheless, this kind of pleasure, tranquil and self-sufficient lifestyle is appealing.

In addition, through the rest in the winter, Turtle Island is starting to show its beautiful scenery in the spring. When the administration opens the admission of island tourism officially, you must seize the chance to visit the special, rich and primitive ecology on the island. Hurry up!
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