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Water Park

Water Park
Water Park

 The (Dongshan River) Water Park Construction Project began in 1987 and was completed on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival in 1994. It aims to fully utilize the Dongshan River and its surrounding areas, turning this area into an open public leisure zone full of water and greenness.


The park itself is themed by “getting near water, immersing in green.” It demonstrates a peaceful co-existence between nature and mankind. According to functions, the park is divided into three parts, boating zone, shallow pool, and deep water area. In the boating zone, you can practice rowing dragon boats and western competition boats. You can also just row a small boat leisurely to enjoy the water and the sky and spend some romantic time with your loved ones.


The water level in the shallow pool only reaches an adult’s ankles. Even children can have as much fun as they wish with their parents there. The big white rocks in the pool and the crescent-shaped wall made of small stones indicate something special. The big rocks symbolize swimming ducks. The wall represents fences of a duck-keeping area. They are the two most important elements of a traditional Yilan village household.


At the deep water area, there is a general swimming pool, a PE pool and a “river trip” waterway. The water there is about 120cm deep. At the PE pool, children can join water games or train themselves a little. The waterway simulates the Lanyang River. Unlike most poolside straight waterways, this one is crooked as a real river and you shall have lots of fund riding it.


At the river park, you can watch beautiful mountains and waters with your family or have some crazy water fun. Be sure to bring your water gear along in the summer to enjoy the facilities!


Just one final note: Advantaged by its comprehensive facilities and spaciousness, the water park has become an important venue for holding domestic and international events over the past years.


Many visitors enjoy the park so much that they forget to go home. Why not enjoy a marvelous vacation here?

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