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Wu Shi Er Jia Bird-watching Area

Wu Shi Er Jia Bird-watching Area
Wu Shi Er Jia Bird-watching Area

 The Wu Shi Er Jia Bird-watching Area is a wetland. It is located west of the Lize Old Street and east of the Dongshan River of Lize and Xiafu Villages, Wujie Township. The area’s name, meaning “52 jia (jia is a land measurement in Taiwan),” derives from a detail about the early settlers here. It is said that the settlers claimed exactly so much land, which equals 504,348 square meters. This low-lying wetland can retain a lot of water and therefore a vast fresh-water marsh is here. A substantial part of it was turned into rice paddy fields in the past, but they are mostly fallow now. Common reads (a kind of dominant plant in fresh-water marsh areas) flourish and a wide range of fish swim. A large number of water birds are drawn to this place, too, mostly of the heron family. Organic matters and water plants are many, making Wu Shi Er Jia a great place for migratory and water birds to stay.


The bird-watching season starts in October ever year and lasts until December. In the spring month of April, there are also birds to watch. Wild ducks, northern shovelers and grey herons are often seen.


If you wish to pay Lanyang a visit in autumn and winter, we recommend a biking trip along the Dongshan Riverbank. You’ll get to enjoy views of paddy fields and Lanyang’s nature. Of course, the Wu Shi Er Jia Wetland is not to be missed. Come and watch precious water birds while exploring the diverse beauty of the Dongshan River. There’s a lot to learn about the ecology here. Your body, soul and even brain shall feel fulfilled.

Last Updated:2017-11-10 16:16
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