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Neipi Beach

Neipi BeachNeipi Beach
Neipi BeachNeipi Beach

 The u-shaped Neipi Beach has both sea erosion and deposition formations. The erosion formations include capes, seabed rock reefs and sea cliffs, and the largest area of sea deposition is the Neipi Beach that’s composed of fine sandstones and gravels.


The Neipi Beach is backed by mountains and faces the ocean. Its water is clear and its views are graceful. Many people have come here to have fun. This is a great place for watching sunrise, wading in water or listen to the sounds of ocean waves. More dynamic summer activities can be enjoyed here, too, such as scuba diving. But please be reminded of fierce ocean currents underneath the peaceful-looking ocean surface.


Since the Neipi Bayside Scenic Area became part of the Beibin Park, a coastal hiking trail, a scenic pavilion, a basketball court and a parking lot have been added. A variety of trees are planted here, too, such as fragrant pittosporum, Indian beech, Taiwan aglaia, silvery messerschmidia and large-leaf markingnut, to turn this place into a beautiful tourist paradise. It is highly recommended for your holiday to-visit list.

Last Updated:2019-04-01 16:58
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