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Nantian Temple

Nantian Temple
Nantian Temple

 The Nantian Temple was founded by local residents in 1946 to worship the Sea Goddess of Mazu because they believed she had saved them from a major disaster. Construction work of the main hall was finished in 1952 and the entire temple was complete only by November 18, 1956. The main hall is built in the form of a southern place and soon became a religious center of the town. Today, the temple still receives much incense by crowds of believers every day. It has truly been an important landmark of Nanfangao.


After visiting the temple, if you feel like having a fresh seafood meal or some fish, just go to the nearby fishery port. Many restaurants line along the port, and they are your best choice. The fish and seafood served at these restaurants have just come out of the fishing boats—they can’t be fresher! You can also shop at local fish markets and get a feel of the real, untouristic Nanfangao.

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