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Coral Museum, Taiwan

Coral Museum, Taiwan
Coral Museum, Taiwan

 Nanfangao represents the most glorious chapter in the history of the world’s coral industry. Not only Taiwanese coral has a very fine texture and complete scales of luster, its production was once the largest around the globe.


Coral trade in Taiwan began after World War II, and Nanfangao soon became the island’s top coral trade hub. In its golden days, more than 400 boats were busy picking corals here. It is not hard to imagine how prosperous the industry once was. Nevertheless, today, only 50 such boats remain, suggesting that the industry has been on a sharp decline, so sharp that not many records have been kept.


In light of this, around 20 years ago, a local gentleman founded this museum, hoping to retain as many historical objects and documents about coral as possible. You are sincerely invited to learn about Taiwanese coral and the industry’s ups and downs in the Taiwan Coral Museum.

Last Updated:2019-08-22 16:47
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