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Suao Port

Suao Port
Suao Port

 The Suao Port is beside the Lanyang Tunnel Exit in Yilan County. Position-wise, it is a great port because it is protected by the mountains.


There are two sub-ports on the north and the south of the port, Beifangao and Nanfangao. Along the eastern rocky coastline are magnificent scenic spots facing the spacious Pacific Ocean. These scenic spots lean against lush green mountains and overlook beautiful waters. For a birds-eye-view, go to Paotaishan or drive along the Sunan Highway. You’ll see two long capes reaching out to the seas like a crab’s pair of claws.


In fact, Fongkongzi on the top of Qixingling is even a better place to overlook the Suao Port. To the south you can enjoy splendid views of the port, and to the north you can gaze at the Turtle Island in the ocean. Take a good look at the Lanyang Plain, too. You’ll see why the Suao Port is so important along the coast of Lanyang.

Last Updated:2018-06-14 12:08
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