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Wulaokeng Scenic Area

Wulaokeng Scenic Area
Wulaokeng Scenic Area

 The Wulaokeng Scenic Area is on the border of Dongshan and Suao Townships and belongs to the Xingcheng River Zone. Because the river enters the Lanyang Plain from Wulaokeng, this scenic area is blessed with idyllic mountain and water views. In fact, it had long been listed as one of the Eight Views of New Lanyang by the government in the 1950s, when it was called the Wulao Forests and Springs.


The misty slopes on the sides of Wulaokeng are especially suitable for growing tea. Wulao tea is famous for its sweetness and refreshing quality.

The scenic area itself covers 400 hectares of land, including a 70-hecatre camping site with a 1,000-person capacity. The site is equipped with a cooking pavilion, a campfire zone, a roofed square for rainy days and men’s and women’s shower rooms.


Other than camping, open-air BBQ, water activities, river-trekking, mountaineering, field trips and tea tasting sessions may all be held here. Because it is also embraced by beautiful nature, the diverse Wulaokeng Scenic Area is constantly utilized by the public.


At the visitor center, lots of information can be found. You can also book a guided tour, get admission tickets, or make a camping reservation. Food and beverages are sold, too.


Last Updated:2015-03-27 10:39
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