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Lanyang Museum

Lanyang Museum
Lanyang Museum

 The Lanyang Museum was officially inaugurated in October 2010 after 10 years of construction hosted by the Executive Yuan. It systematically showcases the nature and culture of Lanyang and is therefore the best place to study this region so far. In fact, it is not only a museum and a research and education center, but is also part of the Lanyang Oceanic Culture Zone which includes the Toucheng Old Street and the Northeast National Scenic Area. Moreover, it is expected to make the nearby Wushi Port prosperous again, which used to be famous for its scene of commercial boats coming in and out in spring.


The museum complex covers 10.9 hectares of land. Its main building is 31.15 meters tall and is 7,681 square meters large. Its total floor areas are 12,472 square meters. The museum’s exterior is composed of various 90-70-20-degree triangles inspired by the kind of “cuesta” rock formation with a cliff on one side and a gentle slope on the other. With its floors supported by wide-span steel, the museum boasts an expansive space.


In the museum building, there is an exhibition center that showcases permanent collections by the themes of oceans, plains and mountains. It is also equipped with a children’s exhibition hall, a special exhibition room, and an exhibition preparation zone. In its education and resource center, educational activities, children’s events, multi-media conferences and academic workshops are held. At the Lanyang Market, food and beverages are served and souvenirs can be purchased.


The old Wushi Port outside the museum is retained as an ecological wetland to raise people’s awareness for environment protection. Antique junk boats, an important transport means for early Yilan settlers, are displayed near the adjacent Wushi Port Visitor Center. Finally, there is an Ecological Hut and a Bird-watching Hut to be explored.

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