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Toucheng Farm

Toucheng Farm
Toucheng Farm

 The farm is only 2.5 hours way from the Taipei city by car. It covers 100 hectares of slope land and is planted with all kinds of fruit trees and seedlings. With three streams meandering through— Pingxi, Taozilixi, and Daxi, the farm is blessed with beautiful natural views and diverse ecological resources. Makino Bamboos are all over the hill and ducks frolic in green waters.


Come here to immerse in the fruit gardens and paddy fields and smell the aroma of soil. A range of farm animals are kept, such as native chicken and ducks, geese, boars and goats. Mountain vegetables are many, too, such as chayote shoots, young papayas and Brazilian fireweed. There are a variety of countryside activities to take, such as fruit-picking, bamboo shoot-shoveling, sunrise-watching, bamboo raft-rowing, and star-watching. Visit the Toucheng Farm to feel its rural charm!

Last Updated:2015-03-27 11:41
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