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Peikuan Crab Museum

Peikuan Crab Museum
Peikuan Crab Museum

 Founded in 1999 and covering 828 square meters of land, the museum aims to preserve documents, literatures and objects about native crab species and the island’s diverse ecologies for generations to come. It also serves as a platform where both crab experts and interested members of the public can exchange related information and ideas. Today, it has become the only crab-themed museum in Taiwan that continues to advance specimen-making and crab cultivation skills.


The museum is divided into two sections, one displaying specimens and the other stories of the crab industry. Visitors can expect to immerse in the fun and diverse world of crabs here. In fact, while the museum focuses on crabs, including hermit crabs, shrimp collections can also be found. The museum is open all year round except on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Anyone interested is welcome to drop by anytime.

Last Updated:2019-01-15 09:10
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