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Taoyuan Valley

Taoyuan ValleyTaoyuan ValleyTaoyuan ValleyTaoyuan Valley
Taoyuan ValleyTaoyuan ValleyTaoyuan ValleyTaoyuan Valley

 The Taoyuan Valley is a very popular hiking route. It features a meadow that stretches three kilometers along the 30-degree slope and finally leads to a hilltop that's 554.7 meters above the sea level. The meadow is so lush and soft that it feels like a grass blanket woven by the nature. On a clear sunny day, you can enjoy a panoramic birds-eye-view from the meadow, with the Pacific Ocean in the East and the Longdong Cape in the north. In the autumn and winter, big clouds gather up above the valley due to strong seasonal winds. Vast fields of silvergrass remind visitors of the wavy seas below. Such is the refreshing idyllic scenery provided by the valley.


Feel free to chat with your friends on the meadow or just lie down and watch the deep blue sky. Feel the mountain and ocean breezes at the same time, or overlook the Lanyang Plain and Turtle Island beneath when you get up again. You will know you have arrived at a serene paradise on earth when you fully immerse in the mountains and the seas here.

Last Updated:2015-03-27 09:54
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