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Maoao Fishing Village

Maoao Fishing Village
Maoao Fishing Village

 The Maoao Fishery Village beside Binhai Highway (Provincial Highway 2) is often missed by visitors. Although indistinctive, this traditional village is worth taking a close look. Before entering the village, drop by the small stream on the left side of the highway. Take a rest under the shade of a hundred-year-old banyan tree that has twisted branches and lush green leaves. Immerse in its serene atmosphere as you enter the village, and appreciate the old houses made of local stones while listening to the tapping sounds of waves. The nearby Maoao Bay has one of the most abundant ocean resources in Taiwan and is therefore inhabited by a diversity of species. Baby abalones, lobsters and gelidium are the most common organisms here. The local fishermen still use traditional methods to catch fish. Such is a picturesque fishery village of the Northeast Coast.


No majestic mountains or imposing waters may be found here. But the village’s tranquility and rustic charm and are still impressive. For those who want to stay away from the hustles and bustles of a city, this is the place to go. This kind of quietness is hard to find even along the Beibin Highway.

Last Updated:2016-05-27 09:07
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