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Nanya Rocks

Nanya RocksNanya RocksNanya RocksNanya Rocks
Nanya RocksNanya RocksNanya RocksNanya Rocks

 At 81.8k, Coastal Highway in Nanya, there is a vast area of strange rocks that mark the start of a geological journey into the Northeast Coast. Their weathering patterns are so graceful that they look like paintings. Such dynamic wave-like patterns also remind people of the vigor of oceans. It is fair to say they are the most eminent features of the Northeast Coast.


Because the Nanya Coast leans against a steep hill, cliffs and eroded rocks are many. The rocks here belong to the Dapu Sandstone Layer, which is so rough that it took a long time for nature to sculpt the rocks into the way they are today. The formations here are quite different, such as columnar joints and needle -shaped rocks. But the strange rocks have not only been formed by nature, especially those standing between Suinang Cave, Nanya and Heme. They have been chiseled by highway construction workers with dynamites as these workers tried to thrust a way through the mountains. Natural or manmade, all of the rocks are inspiring. Many say their imagination run wild as they watch the rocks from different angles.


Take a closer look and you shall feel even more inspired by the rocks, not only because of their shapes, but also their patterns and colors. Washed by abundant rain during monsoon seasons, the rock surfaces have over time been covered with iron oxide with refined patterns. Due to weathering and erosion, the surfaces have different shades which make them look like earth-color paintings.

Last Updated:2018-06-11 09:13
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