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Local Snacks

Thin Noodles Thick Soup & Taiwanese Meatballs
Price: ~1000
Tel: 09-37054867
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou)no.38
Assorted Spring Rolls
Price: ~1000
Tel: 02-24220485
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou) no.60
Jin Sing Ma Lao (local snacks)
Price: ~1000
Tel: 02-24293592
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou)no.62
Ba Bao Dong Fen
Price: ~1000
Tel: 03-9884665
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou)
Ji Jia Pork Trotter
Price: ~1000
Tel: 02-24250853
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou)
Tian Yi Siang Pork Thick Soup
Price: ~1000
Tel: 02-24283027
Adr: Keelung (Miaokou)no.31
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