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The waters of Yanliao belong to an ocean resource preservation zone. There are many species of animals existing in large numbers here, and the area is also an important fishing ground from which the fishing families of Gongliao rely on to survive. Between Yanliao and Fulong is a stretch of golden beach approximately 3 kilometers long, stretching along as the most beautiful touch of color along the Northeast Coast. The soft sand and glistening blue waters are a great reason to linger about, and are the summer memories of many people! The Yanliao Beach Park is the largest recreational location of the northeast coast, and adding to this is the historical Yanliao Japanese Resistance Memorial, making this park an area of both natural and cultural treasures. Moreover, there is a 4 kilometer long bike route between Yanliao and Fulong, where tourists can come to enjoy the gentle sea breeze on a bike.

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More Info about This Area

  • Geographical Sightsreefs, large rock formations, beaches, sand dunes, sand spits

  • VegetationSeahore Vine Morning Glory, Littoral Spinegrass, Australian Laurel, Screw Pine, Beefwood, Sea Mango (Cerberus Tree), Sea Lettuce (Beach Naupaka)

  • Religion and BeliefsRenhe Temple

  • Historical Sites and CultureFishing Villages, Tomb of Wusha

  • Interesting Excursionshiking on trails, coastal and ocean vegetation, a trip of the Shiding River Outlet, swimming, sand sculptures, beach volley ball, shore fishing, windsurfing, surfing

  • Delicious Delicaciesdelicious seafood

  • Animal EcologyEchinostrephus aciculatus (sea urchin), Rock Boring Sea Urchin , sea stars, Common Moon Crab, Pacific Mole Crab, Hard Clam, Sea Anemones, Coralline Algae, oyster, Notoacmea schrenckii (sea snail), Siphonaria (sea snail)

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