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Convenient transportation has turned Aodi into a hotspot for tourists during vacations. There are over 20 seafood restaurants along the public roads, forming a haven for seafood lovers. Aodi receives rich ocean resources, with different fish appearing in the surrounding waters during different seasons. Thus, Aodi has also become the seafood distribution center of the northeast coast.

The old street heading toward the seaport still boasts a few of the old stone houses built of stone and coral reef. Sometimes tourists will discover one of the old stone walls used to block waves. The entire street is filled with an old, simple atmosphere. Moving forward from Wushamu, visitors will reach the outlet of the second largest river in the area, the Shiding river outlet. Here, you will also catch views of erosion platforms, outlet landforms and a diverse bird population.

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More Info about This Area

  • Geographical Sightsreefs, large rock formations, beaches, sand dunes, sand spits

  • Animal EcologyEchinostrephus aciculatus (sea urchin), Rock Boring Sea Urchin , sea stars, Common Moon Crab, Pacific Mole Crab, Hard Clam, Sea Anemones, Coralline Algae, oyster, Notoacmea schrenckii (sea snail), Siphonaria (sea snail)

  • VegetationSeahore Vine Morning Glory, Littoral Spinegrass, Australian Laurel, Screw Pine, Beefwood, Sea Mango (Cerberus Tree), Sea Lettuce (Beach Naupaka)

  • Historical Sites and CultureFishing Villages, Tomb of Wusha

  • Interesting Excursionshiking on trails, coastal and ocean vegetation, a trip of the Shiding River Outlet, swimming, sand sculptures, beach volley ball, shore fishing, windsurfing, surfing

  • Delicious Delicaciesdelicious seafood
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