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Hot Spots > Nanfang'ao > The Jinan Temple is located right in front of Fishery Port No. 3 in Nanfangao. The solemn-looking black-faced Mazu that ...
Last Update:08 7 2018 2:28|Number of Views:4903
Hot Spots > Nanfang'ao > Nanfangao in the 1960s had a booming fishery industry. Because fishing boats were many, factories that make and repair b...
Last Update:09 12 2017 4:43|Number of Views:4823
Last Update:07 3 2017 5:41|Number of Views:4552
Hot Spots > Nanfang'ao > The Nanfangao Observatory at 108K, Suhua Highway was formerly just an ordinary parking lot. These days, visitors to an...
Last Update:11 10 2017 4:25|Number of Views:4195
Hot Spots > Nanfang'ao > The Nanfangao Visitor Center is a two-storey building. It is designed to demonstrate the best features of Nanfangao, suc...
Last Update:07 3 2017 5:41|Number of Views:3691
Hot Spots > Nanfang'ao > The Chessboard Cape is a small, elegant bay within Nanfangao. Here you can see the sunrise and engage in water activitie...
Last Update:2018-08-16 16:48|Number of Views:2014
Services > Visitor Center& Service Area
‧Fulong Visitor Center: Address:No. 36, Xinglong Street, Ful...
Last Update:2016-05-31 18:42|Number of Views:1851
Last Update:2013-04-23|Number of Views:1385
Last Update:2013-04-23|Number of Views:1381
News > News > A total of 200 photos carefully selected by the judges of the Northeast Coast and Yilan “Endless Charm” Phot...
Last Update:2016-01-22 10:01|Number of Views:857
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