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Do not litter the beach and sea garbage. If you cannot take it home, please notify the relevant unit to assist in the removal according to the regulations.

Date :2023-09-03
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Clean up the garbage at the beach cleaning station. Please sort and stack them together for subsequent processing. Please use special garbage bags in the New Taipei City area (general garbage bags can be used for resources). If you need it, please contact each management station in your jurisdiction to pick it up and contact the centralized storage place.

The contact numbers of each management station in this jurisdiction

1. Longdong Station: (02)2499-1190
2. Dali Station: (03)9780-727
3. Yilan Station: (03)9308-490

If you have relevant questions, our contact information:

Tel: (02)2499-1115 ext. 137

Fax: (02)2499-1283

l Net apportionment application webpage of this office (please contact each management station to assist in clearing)

l Environmental Protection Department beach cleanup system (includes assistance in cleaning up and filling out reports)

l The attachment is the relevant information on the assistance of Jinghai Garbage Removal and Transportation

Last Updated:2023-11-01