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Su Kui: Continue to invest in manpower and equipment resources to strengthen law enforcement in sea areas and show determination to defend the blue land

Date :2022-11-23
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On the 20th, Premier Su Zhenchang presided over the meeting of the Executive Yuan via video conference, and after listening to the report of the Oceanic Commission on "Strengthening Law Enforcement in Sea Areas", he expressed his gratitude to the relevant colleagues of the Oceanic Commission and the Coast Guard for actively curbing illegal smuggling and smuggling, and working hard to protect the border Epidemic prevention, blocking the entry of guns, drugs, African swine fever, and illegal personnel and goods, and strengthening the ban on illegal sand piracy by Chinese ships, fully demonstrating the strength of law enforcement in sea areas in three aspects: maintaining law and order in sea areas, epidemic prevention at borders, and defending maritime rights and interests With outstanding results, I hope that the Maritime Commission will continue to invest in "manpower" and "equipment" resources to strictly guard the sea and strengthen law enforcement. The dean also emphasized that the government not only continues to enrich the energy of ship assembly, make good use of technological assistance, and strengthen cross-border cooperation, but also adds the English word "TAIWAN" to the side of the sea patrol ship, so that the sea patrol ship represents Taiwan and shows the defense of the blue With the determination of the land, please strengthen the cooperation between the Sea Committee and relevant ministries and committees, and go all out to continue to protect the national security and the health of the people.

President Su pointed out that Taiwan is an island country, and the ocean is our country's largest asset and the most natural security barrier, but there are also risks and problems in crime and epidemic prevention. He is very grateful to the Maritime Commission and the Maritime Patrol Administration for continuously strengthening law enforcement in recent years, safeguarding my country's maritime rights and security, and strictly guarding the coast to prevent illegal smuggling and smuggling. , illegal personnel and goods entry, maintain social order, protect industrial development, protect the health of the Chinese people, and participate in disaster relief work. He particularly affirmed that the relevant colleagues stick to their posts and fulfill their duties in the midst of the storm.

Dean Su said that the government announced the implementation of the "Basic Ocean Law" on November 20, 2019, with the IOC as the unifying agency for ocean policy, and approved the "National Ocean Policy White Paper" in June 2020, clearly revealing the implementation Law enforcement in the sea area, safeguarding the sovereignty of the sea area, also put forward policy goals such as "Salute to the Sea". In recent years, the IOC has actively implemented tasks such as cracking down on gun and drug smuggling, strictly preventing African swine fever, and strengthening the crackdown on illegal sand piracy by Chinese ships, with outstanding results.

In terms of maintaining law and order in sea areas, Dean Su pointed out that the amount of drugs seized in the first three quarters of this year (2022) exceeded 6,600 kilograms, exceeding the amount of the whole of last year; More than 7.8 million ships were used to prevent the entry of nearly 30,000 pieces of meat products; in addition, during the investigation of pig carcasses on the coast, 17 cases were found to be positive for African swine fever, effectively preventing the invasion of the disease.

In terms of defending maritime rights and interests, President Su said that in the past five years, the government has driven away more than 6,000 Chinese fishing boats and seized more than 230 Chinese fishing boats. Since 2018, in view of the fact that China’s sand pumping ships crossed the border to illegally collect sand and gravel, and the damage to Taiwan’s marine environment and natural ecology has intensified. In order to effectively combat their evil activities, the government proposed the "Republic of China Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Reef Law" and " The revision of the "Soil and Rock Extraction Law" has increased penalties, and through a multi-pronged approach to disposal, the number of illegal sand extraction has been greatly reduced.

President Su emphasized that the so-called "workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to be good at their work." In order to strictly guard the sea and enforce the law, the most important thing is the input of "manpower" and "equipment". Since he took office, he has approved the increase of more than 1,360 people in the Coast Guard. In addition, the Executive Yuan approved the "Development Plan for the Construction of Coast Guard Ships" in 2017. Last July (2021), he approved the "Preparation for the Construction of Ocean Patrol Ships". Patrol Ship Development Plan”, with a total investment of more than 55 billion yuan, the construction of more than 140 patrol ships to meet the law enforcement needs of my country’s exclusive economic zone and high seas fishery; in addition, he also approved the investment of nearly 1 billion yuan to transform the terminal logistics facilities, It will be rebuilt together to maximize the efficiency of the ship.

Dean Su said that after several years of hard work, my country's first 4,000-ton frigate "Chiayi Ship" was delivered in April last year. At present, more than 50 frigates have been launched and delivered, and the results have been fruitful.

In addition, Dean Su pointed out that in addition to improving the ship's energy, making good use of technological assistance, and strengthening cross-border cooperation, the government has also added the English word "TAIWAN" to the side of the patrol ship, and let the patrol ship represent Taiwan. , to show the determination to defend the blue country. Finally, President Su also asked the Sea Committee to continue to strengthen cooperation with relevant ministries and committees, and go all out to protect national security and national health.

Last Updated:2022-12-05