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I've been waiting for a long time! The classic Pixar finally ushered in, the Northeast corner of Taiwan's "Fulong Sand Sculpture Music" package is on sale for a limited time!

Date :2021-09-15
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The feeling of welcoming summer can only be achieved by running to the golden beach and blue sea! Due to the epidemic, the "2021 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season" was postponed for nearly four months, and finally started before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. The exhibition will last from 9/17 to 10/31, and the 45-day non-stop will bring surprises to everyone.

To catch up with this wave of enthusiasm, the Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Management Office of the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Air Management Office) launched the 2021 "Taiwan Good Travel Golden Fulong Line "Fulong Sand Sculpture" Package" The package has been officially launched. The package plan for Taiwan’s good travel route starts from Ruifang Railway Station and takes the popular scenic spots along the route as the main axis. It is convenient for the public to visit the characteristic highlights along the northeast corner at one time. The package is launched for a limited period of time. $250), including one day unlimited rides on Taiwan's Hao Xing bus and Fulong Bathing Beach tickets. Can't wait to feel the warmth and vitality of the Northeast Coast in summer? Season limited sand sculpture packages take you to the sky!

For the 14th year of the 2021 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season, this year has a new look to meet everyone. With the theme of "Revisiting Pixar Classics", it integrates into the world's most popular Pixar animation superstar. The characters were moved out of the big screen and turned into golden sand sculptures, including 18 sand sculptures such as "Hu Di", "Buzz Lightyear" and "Three Eyes", which are different from the Fulong Sand Sculpture Season in previous years. This year will be more childlike and energetic, and it will definitely make the Disney fan shoots full!

Director Ma Huida of the Northeast Management Office said that the northeast corner is rich in natural and tourist resources, and it also sits on Taiwan’s quiet and characteristic coastline. It is hoped that when the epidemic is lifted, everyone can come to travel and enjoy the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art. And experience the beautiful mountain and forest coastline. The famous Fulong beach in northern Taiwan, where there are mountains, seas, and beaches. The Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season has become the focus of domestic annual activities since its inception in 2008. The sand sculpture culture is unique in Fulong, the northeast corner. The golden beach is based on deep cultivation. The sand quality of Fulong Beach is soft and dense, and the plasticity after water is good. Therefore, it has been identified by the World Sand Sculpture Association as the most suitable place for sand sculpture in Taiwan. From ramming sand template to shaping, no matter it is damaged by heavy rain, a large number of manual methods are used to repair and maintain to maintain the quality control of the sand sculpture season exhibition. It is hoped that the sand sculptures created by Earth Art can be in the most natural and environmentally friendly way. Return to nature.

Definitely let you feast your eyes! The package will satisfy you once! Come here to feel the summer vitality of the Northeast Coast!

Come and take the diverse and value-for-money "Taiwan Travel in the Northeast" package to experience the summer style of the coastline of the Northeast!

"Taiwan Haohang Golden Fulong Line "Fulong Sand Sculpture" Package "

※For more information and details of the package, please check the sales channel

Last Updated:2021-10-13