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Design a local professional tourism brand based on the cultural heritage of the Northeast corner

Date :2021-02-24
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The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications held a special lecture at the National Yilan University at 2 pm today (23), and invited Yang Jiazhang, Director of Hwat's Huazhi Image Design Company, to give a speech , With the theme of "Using the design power of the brand to activate the characteristics of the local industry", I hope that through the practical experience and viewpoints implemented by Director Yang, the participants will think about the value of design and how to apply design to different aspects of life and tourism. , To increase the competitiveness of industrial marketing and let the public see product highlights.

Director Ma Huida of the Northeast Management Office said that the design is related to life and tourism, such as the design of the highway passenger "North Flower", the remake of the Hsinchu Taiwan Railway lunch, and the promotion of agricultural products packaging. From hardware to software, it can be connected. Therefore, our tourism should also focus on design. Let us be a good "designer", seamlessly integrate visual integration and string together each local tour, and stimulate the development of local industrial organizations, so that tourism can be in from the beginning to the end. We think carefully and happily enjoy each process.

"Bringing value through design" is the philosophy that Director Yang Jiazhang has always adhered to in this seminar. He believes that when the public recognizes the original "beauty" in life, they can tap into their innermost culture and recognition of the place, and design begins The emergence of cultural functions can create classic designs that are exclusive to Taiwan’s cultural heritage, and can also stimulate the local tourism industry to find the most appropriate balance between the community and tourism. During the meeting, the director of Jinyan Sand Sculpture Art Studio Zhou Shengqiang and the project director of Xin Media Liao Yi’an were invited as lecturers and talkers to discuss how sand sculpture art can be combined with local tourism, and how art can be the best reason to start travel from the media perspective. It is hoped that participants can imagine how to match and connect tourism with design and art.

The Northeast Management Office stated that the purpose of the keynote speeches is to invite masters from different fields to teach insemination and knowledge, so that the tourism industry can learn from it and open up new horizons, and combine multiple elements to create new tourism output. There will be four keynote speeches in the future. Interested business friends are welcome to sign up.

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Last Updated:2021-02-24