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`` 2019 Caoling Ancient Road Mang Flower Season '' opens on 11/9 to invite the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra's brass quintet

Date :2019-11-09
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`` 2019 Caoling Ancient Road Mang Flower Season '' opens on 11/9 to invite the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra to perform a brass quintet

"2019 Caoling Ancient Road Flower Season" will debut this Saturday (November 9). On the opening day, the Northeast Management Office specially invited the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra's brass quintet at the Fulong Visitor Center at 10-11 am There will be one performance at Dali Visitor Center at 3-4 pm, only one day. Welcome everyone to take the opportunity to enjoy the romantic autumn movement!

The "Caoling Ancient Road Mang Flower Season" event has been held since 2002 and is the 18th event. The main demand is "historical arts, environment, ecology, and health". This year, in conjunction with the "town roaming year", we will join the Ministry of Transport for sightseeing The “Slow Town Concert” cooperating with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra went to the countryside to perform trains; the brass quintet played well-known classic folk songs, and classic movie songs loved by children and adults a total of 14 The first performance track, with treble, alto, tenor and bass saxophone instruments, perfectly presents moving melodies, and accompanies tourists in the autumn music to experience the 200-year-old ancient road style and emotions, and unveil the flower season. The event kicked off.

In addition, at 1:30 pm on each holiday during the Menghua season, schools and street performers will be invited to perform wonderful programs at the Dali Visitor Center. There are also classic roadblockers, Yangwei officers and soldiers, and mysterious merchants interacting with tourists on the ancient road. Games get gifts. For more information, please refer to the event website:

Brass Quintet Performance Information:

11/9 (Sat): 10: 00-11: 00 at Fulong Visitor Center
11/9 (Sat): 15: 00-16: 00 Performances at Dali Visitor Center

Stray to fresh water

2. Just like your tenderness

3. Kapok Road

4. The moon represents my heart

5. Love you for ten thousand years

6. Hometown at Dusk

7.Sky City

8. Cherry balls

9.A whole new world

10.I will follow him

11.Baby elephant walk

12.I could have danced all night

13. Ping Ju

14. He Rijun Comes Again

Chiayi Taiping Town Quintet

program listCaoling Ancient Road Flower Season

Last Updated::2019-11-09