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New mystery in the northeast corner, the military camp in Tingtao Camp, Bitoujiao turned into a scenic area, and it will be open for a limited time from 11/6

Date :2019-11-06
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Many people come to hike the "Nose Head Trail" on holidays. The abandoned sentry camp area at the junction of the lighthouse line and the rim valley line enjoys unparalleled mountain and sea views because it is located in the valley and faces the junction of the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. When the waves hit the shore, it will form the best sound in nature, so it has the romantic reputation of "Tingtao Camp"! The Northeast corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Management Office of the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Management Office), in order to enrich the tour, especially the space is rebuilt and activated. It has become a highlight of the new mystery of the public before opening, and they have called to ask when it will open. Today (11/5) In the morning, the management office held a welcome opening ceremony, and officially launched a trial operation to attract tourists from all over the world.

The director of the management office, Chen Meixiu, said that due to changes in the environment, Taiwan ’s major military coastline has left many unused battalions, the “Bin Tau Kok sentry battalion area”. It used to be the Marine Corps Guard Base (at that time, it was about 30 in 60 and 70 years of the Republic of China. People are stationed here), the environment is unique, and the scenery is beautiful. Therefore, the original building was partially changed, and the planning is based on the preservation of the existing military style and integration into the local geological landscape as the design element. I hope that tourists can enjoy more visual and auditory national scenic areas Experience nature and provide another base on the "Nose Head Trail".

Director Chen Meixiu further reminded that during the northeast monsoon, there are long waves in the waters of the northeast corner. Please follow the relevant notices! In addition, it is also recommended that if you encounter a rainy day or the wind and waves become heavy, you should not risk walking to avoid accidents.

The "Bintoujiao Tingtao Camp Area" is re-dressed. In addition to the black, green, brown, and earth colors, the camp has also added "pink" camouflage, which represents soft and strong strength, and has the symbol of enthusiasm, romance, and love. Different from the military and sightseeing image of the radar station above! In addition, it is worth mentioning the color planning of the trails in the park. It is very ingenious to maintain the stepped plane to maintain the original color of the concrete, and the stepped facade has a color appearance. Mountaineers can only see the common color of the concrete in the mountain trails. However, tourists can see the rainbow stairs in the pink camouflage camp area, taking into account the tourists (higher) landscape vision, and experience the fun in the tourist area (lower) of the camp.

Ms. Liang, a climber living in Taipei, said that the park is surrounded by mountains and the sea, and the scenery is beautiful. You can take a walk with Anada here to walk and travel. Not only can you meditate, but also a feeling of long-term and full of happiness.

According to the management office, the “Bintoujiao Tingtao Camp Area” will be open for a limited time from 11/6. Every Monday and Wednesday, 10am to 3pm will be open for trial operation. In the future, it will be outsourced to attract investment to further improve the tourist service on the Bautou Kok Trail. function! For related information, please contact 02-24991210; "Friends of the Northeast Corner" Facebook fan page or official website.

Last Updated::2020-03-14