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Paragliding Safety Informantion
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Bird Watchers Notices
Please wear camouflage fatigues or clothing similar in color to surroundings.
Please speak softly and prohibit from shouting. Remember to remind your children to stay quiet.
If the target is already in an alert stance, please do not attempt to approach it.
A pair of binoculars, a bird handbook, a notebook and a willing heart is all it takes to begin a bird watching trip. 
A binocular telescope is an indispensible tool in the world of wild birds. A pair of binoculars with 7x~10x capabilities is suitable for watching land birds.
When watching water fowls, because of the distance and fixed target, monocular telescopes with high magnifications are better. Suitable adjustments include stability offered by a tripod, magnification of 25x and objective diameter of 60~70mm.
To protect the ecological balance of birds, do not breed wild birds or release foreign birds into the wild.
When in view of nest-building birds or birds breeding their young, remember not to approach them and maintain a suitable viewing distance.
When filming/photographing wild birds, natural lighting should be used. Avoid flashes that may frighten them.
Some birds are naturally shy, rendering them discrete and hard to observe. Refrain from using inappropriate ways to lure them out.
Do not chase wild birds.
When breeding areas or fledglings are discovered, remember to “keep it to yourself” and refrain from disturbing them.
When you are part of a group, follow the orders of the guide and remember that the principle is to avoid jeopardizing the safety of the birds.
Do not climb or bend trees/vegetation for the purpose of observing or photographing wild birds. This will disrupt their natural habitat.
Please respect the right for survival of birds. Do not collect their eggs or attempt to catch them.
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