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*QR Code instructions for use*
 Scan the QR code through your cell phone camera. The phone must be able to identify QR code. What is QR code?
QR code,
the “quick response” code, is a type of 2-dimensional barcode that can store more information than traditional ones. With QR code, users can easily carry information along. As long as their cell phones have camera connectivity, they can scan a QR code and read the embedded information.

Enjoy the QR code service by scanning the 2D barcode on a chosen webpage.
The QR code makes it easy to obtain and carry such information as the name,
phone number and address of a scenic spot through cell phone. You will no
longer have to print t information before hitting the road. Scan and get all that you need!

How to use it?
1. Scan the QR code through your cell phone camera. The phone must be able to identify QR code.
2. Decode the QR Code and obtain the embedded details.
3. Simply save the information in your phone. This makes it easy to go back to the info at a later time.

Applicable phone types
1.Phone type inquiry
2.Download the QR code decoding software and read the QR code.
3. Decoding software downloads


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