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The Lailai Coast has the most developed erosion platforms of the whole northeast coast. In the north the Sandiaojiao Cape acts as a barrier, while from the east side the Kuroshio Current passes by, offering a suitable environment for the growth of algae and plankton, thus breeding a flourishing body of fish. However, this huge expanse of erosion platforms still sees many changes. There are wall-like volcanic rock veins, deep erosion ditches and geometric line conformations very similar to washing boards. These landforms are all remnants of nature’s footsteps and orogeny (mountain generating). The Lailai stratum belongs to the Datongshan Formation, formed of intercalating layers of thick-bedded sandstone and shale. Lava seeped into these intercalations and cooled down to form rock veins, while erosion ate away at the softer sandstone, leaving behind the harder shale, which form the rock formations that we see today.

Detailed scenic spotsRegional FeatureRecommended Journey
Geographical Sights sea cliffs, erosion platforms, erosion trenches, rock striations
Animal Ecology Wild Taiwanese Abalone, Lobster, Crimson Crab, Shawl Crab, Groupers, Bigfin Reef Squid, Spearfish, Greater Amberjack
Vegetation Horsetail Tree, windbreaking trees, Downy Rosemyrtle
Interesting Excursions rock fishing, observing shore and ocean creatures
Delicious Delicacies seafood
2 Day Package‧Ecological Discovery Trip(Tour 1‧Day 2)
Sandiaojiao Lighthouse → Lailai Rock Fishing Area → Beiguan Tidal Park → Wushih Harbor Visitor Center → Wushih Fishery Harbor
1 Day Package‧Northeast Coast Geology and Ecology Trip(Tour 3‧Day 1)
Nanzihlin Trail → Nanya Geology Trail → Bitou Cape Geological Park → Fulong Visitor Center → Lailai Rock Fishing Area → Beiguan Tidal Park
1 Day Package‧Leisure and Sea Viewing Tour(Tour 2‧Day 1)
Fulong Visitor Center → Fulong Beach → Mao’ao Fishing Village → Sandiaojiao Lighthouse → Lailai Rock Fishing Area
2 Day Package‧Tasty Seafood Meal Trip(Tour 1‧Day 1)
Nanyaqiyan → Bitou Cape Geological Park → Seafood Restaurants Street → Lailai Rock Fishing Area
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